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Lesson Planet has helped me very much! Member since 2002.

Elizabeth L.
Milwaukee, WI
I'm able to find resources for my classes, that are Common Core-aligned. Member since 2009.

Christy W.
Havre De Grace, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me gather worksheets without creating my own from scratch. I love lesson Planet!

Erica F.
Indian Springs, NV
As a busy teacher of multiple high school science courses, this website gives me great ideas and worksheets to reinforce my lessons to help me save time.

Diana E.
Morganville, NJ
Yes, Lesson Planet helps!!! I am homeschooling my children for one year and it has really helped me to organize how to teach. It has also helped me get ideas, and opened my eyes that my kids are different and they each learn differently.

Jamie Z.
Afton, OK
Lesson Planet saved me time and inspired ideas.

Trey P.
Charlotte, NC
Lesson Planet helps me find terrific, well researched lesson plans that fit well into my teaching schedule.

Nancy G.
Orderville, UT
Lesson Planet gave me a really good start for planning my gifted lesson plans.

Mary S.
Struthers, OH
Lesson Planet helps me find resources that are right on the money and it is a massive time savings for the teacher.

Patrick C.
Sun City, AZ
Lesson Planet has been a life saver! I teach an intervention program but many times I need lessons that are differentiated beyond what my curriculum has to offer and Lesson Planet is there. When I am looking for specific lessons to extend my curriculum, I know I can turn to Lesson Planet and find exactly what I need. I know it will be quality and engaging for my students. Thanks so much!!

Jeri M.
Pasco, WA
Lesson Planet is great. It gave me helpful resources.

Brenda H.
Greenville, NC
Lesson Planet has given me great ideas on how to teach certain subjects.

Luisa G.
San Luis, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me with easy access to resources.

J E.
Kosciusko, MS
I was able to find lesson plans that I needed almost immediately; saving time is always a good thing for a teacher. Keep doing what you are doing, it's all good.

Teresa L.
Lesson Planet simplifies my lessons and cuts down on having to fully create them on my own.

Kristy G.
Desoto, TX
Lesson Planet has helped immensely!!! I love everything about it!

Amanda W.
Worth, IL
Lesson Planet shortens the time that I have to spend planning.

Katrina P.
Pompano Beach, FL
Lesson Planet helps me everyday.

Brian P.
Sacramento, CA
Lesson Planet has really great lessons and it is worth every penny.

Josephine S.
Columbus, MS
I've appreciated being able to access and review several ideas for topic lessons all in one place.

Karen A.
Mount Pulaski, IL
Lesson Planet helps me find lessons that are engaging to my students.

Sylvia G.
Sebastian, TX
Lesson Planet has saved me in my first year as a teacher.

Julius O.
Zuni, NM
Lesson Planet saved me time so instead of remaking the wheel I get to create.

Sarah L.
New Zealand
Lesson Planet is wonderful. Teacher member since 2009.

Amanda W.
Lesson Planet helps me find lessons easily.

Anna M.
Oak Harbor, WA
I love the activities I have been able to find recently.

Lia D.
Armstrong, MO
Lesson Planet has provided me with awesome new ideas that I never would've had the time or creativity to come up with on my own!

Annie T.
Milwaukee, WI
Lesson Planet has saved me time!

Mike A.
Guthrie, OK
Lesson Planet has helped me with planning my lessons.

Willette C.
Uniondale, NY
Lesson planet has provided great resources. Your website is great.

Anita H.
Liberty, KY

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Liesel Gruben
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