WWII: Mediterranean and N. Africa 1939-45 – Monty

This WWII: Mediterranean and N. Africa 1939-45 – Monty interactive also includes:

Is Field Marshal Montgomery the right man to command the land forces in France for D-Day? That's the question facing young historians as they explore an interactive resource that focuses on the Mediterranean and North Africa theatre from 1940-1945. They read extracts from Montgomery's reports, examine photographs, watch a video, and complete worksheets before writing a report that answers the question of whether Montgomery should be put in command of the forces.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pair a class member who would recommend Montgomery with one who would not, have them share their reasoning, and then chair a whole class discussion of the question
Classroom Considerations

  • The second episode in the two-part series asks learners to act as a German intelligence agent, review documents, and determine where the allied invasion might take place


  • The interactive is easy to navigate
  • Transcripts of the documents are included

  • None