Whole Number Exponents: Building Blocks

New Review

Five questions make up an interactive all about whole-number exponents. Movable building blocks create a visual tool to aide mathematicians in answering multiple-choice and true or false problems. The interactive ends with a discussion question.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Set out small stackable blocks for those that would benefit from a more tactile approach
  • Allow pairs to complete the interactive together, encourage them to work collaboratively and reference their notes as needed
  • Post the discussion question on a classroom blog, direct learners to answer the question and respond to at least one peer 
Classroom Considerations

  • Sign up with a free CK-12 account to open the interactive 
  • Remind participants to reset the blocks between problems 

  • Feedback is provided instantly 
  • Links offer helpful hints and tips
  • Blocks are easy to move and count 

  • None
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