Where Do Birds Go In Winter?

The poet Homer believed that birds went to battle tribes of goat-riding dwarfs during the winter. As the video explains, this myth and many others that seem crazy to us now, wasn't questioned for many years. The reality isn't quite as interesting as now we know birds migrate for warmer weather and more food. However, scientists are still debating just how they navigate. Can they see the electromagnetic spectrum, or do their beaks work like a compass?

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Instructional Ideas

  • Research some of the myths mentioned at the beginning of the video
  • Challenge class members to create their own myths about a natural phenomenon
Classroom Considerations

  • Video would fit into a biology class, history class, or an animal behavior course

  • Follows a typical path of science from what we didn't know, to what we know now, and on to additional questions we still need to answer
  • Interesting and engaging content holds the attention of the audience

  • None