Water Bottle Unit

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How much plastic do manufacturers use to create water bottles each year? The class explores the number of water bottles used throughout the years to determine how many consumers will use in the future. Class members compare different shapes of bottles with the same volume to determine the amount of plastic needed to make the bottles and their packaging. To finish, pupils make comparisons between bottled water usage among countries.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create an activity where individuals make their own bottle designs
  • If there is a local bottler in the area, have one come talk to the class about the bottles they use and their design approach
Classroom Considerations
  • Teachers can adjust the time based on the class's knowledge of statistics
  • Acquire packages of different brands of water bottles
  • Includes a material list and timing suggestions for each activity within the unit
  • Answer keys show calculations where necessary
  • The unit contains several typos