Oil and Water

If you don't get along with someone, it's said that the two of you are like oil and water. Why is this? Explore the phenomenon and explain the phrase in one resource! Science superstars first observe samples of oil and water together. Next, they shake things up to see the interaction between a polar and a non-polar molecule.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct a live demonstration of the interaction between oil and water, then use the interactive to illustrate what happened in the flask
  • Have the class compare the interactions between water molecules, between oil molecules, and between water and oil molecules
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider arranging time for individual computer use so each student can explore the interactive on their own
  • Briefly review properties of polar and non-polar molecules before pupils begin
  • The mixture takes a moment to fully separate, just like the actual substances would if students mixed them
  • Shading on molecules make them easy for learners to identify and keep track of during the interactive
  • Shows water molecules with two atoms instead of three, which could be confusing