Unknown Angle Problems with Inscribed Angles in Circles

We know theorems about circles—now what? Class members prove a theorem, with half the class taking the case where a point is inside the circle and half the class taking the case where a point is outside the circle. The lesson then provides exercises to find an unknown angle by applying theorems about circles.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Briefly review theorems before beginning lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils need to be familiar with all previously learned theorems about circles
  • The four exercise problems are likely to take more than the allotted 13 minutes, especially if the class needs to be divided into groups
  • The sixth installment of a 23-part module

  • Teacher resource provides not just answers but explanations as well
  • Problems include application of the Inscribed Angle Theorem in different situations (such as chords extending outside the circle)

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