Today's Front Pages

This Today's Front Pages lesson plan also includes:

Take a close look at a number of newspapers with collection of lessons and activities. Using a poster (which can be found under the materials tab), learners examine the hard copy of a local newspaper. This leads into an exploration of various front pages, the content of articles, a perusal of archived newspapers, and a close look at headlines, mastheads, and 100 famous news stories.

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Instructional Ideas

  • One page of the resource provides a page of activity ideas that the teacher can choose from; alternatively, you could invite pupils to select one or two of the activities to complete
  • Spend some time in the computer lab examining these online exhibits

  • The sources learners will be using are nicely put together and relevant
  • Extension ideas are included, as are many days worth of lessons and activities

  • The PowerPoint mentioned in one of the application ideas (Abandoning the News) is no longer available; you will need to find other information to support this activity