The Painted Essay: Developing a Conclusion and Adding Linking Words

New Review

In conclusion ... this essay is the best! Scholars continue working on their painted essays by creating the conclusion. They work in groups to analyze the concluding paragraph in the model painted essay, The Electric Motor. After discussing the paragraph, they use highlighters to mark key components of the conclusion and then work on writing their own concluding paragraphs.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss the purpose of coding and the use of coding in careers (one example is the medical field)
Classroom Considerations
  • Part 11 of 13 in 5th Grade ELA Module 2B, Unit 2
  • Requires completing previous lessons in the unit
  • Uses green, yellow, and blue highlighters
  • Includes a question task card to guide discussion in groups
  • Gives a correctly coded essay for teacher reference
  • None