The Facts About Dinosaurs and Feathers

This The Facts About Dinosaurs and Feathers instructional video also includes:

Did the T. Rex have feathers? A video from the Eons series playlist explains the exciting recent findings about dinosaurs and feathers. It details the evidence, the research, and our current understanding. It also considers why dinosaurs developed feathers and how non-flying animals might have used them.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Research all dinosaurs believed to have feathers and divide them into two groups: those we have proof of having feathers, and those we assume do based on their family branches
  • Debate the two theories presented at 5:00, assigning scholars to a side
Classroom Considerations
  • Relies on prior knowledge of fossils, dinosaurs, and evolution
  • Presents research more updated than most textbooks
  • Includes subtitles in English for ease of note taking
  • Highlights vocabulary words throughout
  • None