Vectors and 2-D Motion

Continue the journey into the world of physics as you lead your class on a winding road complete with vectors and scalers. Pupils learn more about motion, direction, and velocity as they use these concepts to explore two- and three-dimensional objects. They conclude the lesson with a group discussion and practice problems created by the instructor.    

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hold a contest with your class to determine which group can create the most life-like two- or three-dimensional object and discuss this in relation to vectors
Classroom Considerations

  • You should allow ample time to thoroughly discuss this concept in addition to showing the video segment
  • Ensure all pupils understand the concept and provide practice problems to determine they are ready to move forward

  • Short duration of the video segment allows more time to discuss the material and work problems associated with the subject matter
  • The speaker has a clear and easy-to-understand voice, which is helpful to pupils who may not be native English speakers

  • None