The Cosmic Origins of Earth's Water

Was Earth born as a Blue Planet? Discover where water came from with a video from an intriguing science playlist. The resource covers the three most likely origins of water, how scientists differentiate between comet and asteroid water, and why the space-wide search for it is so very important.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include the resource in a lesson about early Earth or astrobiology
  • Before showing the video, ask the class how they think water came to Earth
Classroom Considerations

  • Review the distribution of water on Earth if pupils have not considered this information recently
  • Make sure the class understands the concept of isotopes prior to viewing the resource

  • The narrator is very upbeat and thoroughly explains the difficult concepts 
  • Diagrams help convey how water condensed despite the harsh conditions on early Earth

  • None
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