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The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

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It's well known that people should get eight hours of sleep each night, but exactly why is that? Follow along with this short video as it investigates the crucial role sleep plays not only in peoples' physical health, but their memory and ability to learn as well.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement this video into a health or psychology lesson on sleep and/or memory
  • After watching this video, have students keep sleep logs recording the length of sleep, quality of sleep, and energy level over the course of a week
  • Use this resource as a homework assignment in your flipped classroom
  • Video engages viewers with colorful animations that support the concepts being discussed
  • Resource allows teachers to develop their own customized lessons based on the video
  • Accompanying the video is a short assessment with five multiple choice and four free-response questions
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