Thales’ Theorem

Isn't paper pushing supposed to be boring? Learners attempt a paper-pushing puzzle to develop ideas about angles inscribed on a diameter of a circle. Learners then formalize Thales' theorem and use geometric properties to develop a proof of the theorem.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the lesson to introduce Thales' theorem
Classroom Considerations

  • Experiment requires materials (paper, colored stock paper, markers)
  • Be sure to model the experiment, as instructions may be confusing to participants
  • The first installment of a 23-part module

  • Hands-on activity keeps learners engaged in the subject material
  • Teacher version includes useful background information and an answer key to student worksheets
  • Resource includes link to further information on Thales' theorem

  • Inconsistent spelling of Thales' theorem vs Thales's theorem
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