Lesson Plan

Surviving Assimilation: American Indian Boarding Schools

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The boarding school era is "a history that all of us need to know about," says Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland. Here's a lesson that examines that history. High schoolers examine video interviews of Native Americans who detail their experiences at these schools. Class members then craft a summary of what they have learned from their study.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Instructors should set aside extra prep time to read the "Teacher's Guide" and review all the materials on the "Resource Choice Board"
  • Extra time is also required to prepare the many needed materials before conducting the lesson
  • Use the resource during November's Native American Heritage Month
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires internet and projection equipment for the slide show
  • Groups must have access to devices with internet to research the links on the Resource Choice Board
  • Some of the materials on the Resource Choice Board are no longer available
  • Offers links for directions on how to conduct the learning strategies mentioned in the lesson
  • Provides learners with information that is often overlooked in the study of American history
  • None