Spanish Parts of Speech (Part 2)

This Spanish Parts of Speech (Part 2) presentation also includes:

Zoom in on a few parts of speech to strengthen and deepen understanding. Pupils examine nouns, articles, adjectives, and conjunctions in closer detail, looking at more complex grammatical situations. In addition to the informational page are three presentations, one each for nouns, articles, and adjectives. Spanish learners can find out how much they've learned with the exercises embedded in the presentations.

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  • Includes three separate slide shows that categorize the information and include practice exercises
  • There are many examples of each situation that learners can use for reference
  • There is a typo in the page menu: instead of nouns, a word reads nounds
  • While the presentations provide many examples, they are very long and might need to be edited or split up so that pupils do not become overwhelmed
  • Answers to the exercises in the presentations are not included