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Spanish Diminutives, Augmentatives, and More…

This Spanish Diminutives, Augmentatives, and More… lesson plan also includes:

Teach your kiddies how to create diminutives and augmentatives in Spanish. They'll soon be adding -ito and -ita to every noun they can! Diminutives and augmentatives are much more common in Spanish, so there are many examples included here, as well as a quick reference page that outlines the information. The webpage also covers some suffixes and prefixes that pupils can use. Make sure you check out the presentation, which includes a practice exercise.

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  • A relatively quick description of how to form diminutives and augmentatives with plenty of examples
  • Provides several forms of the same information for flexibility: explanation, quick reference page, and presentation
  • There are no instructional steps listed; however, the presentation could easily be used as is with some additions to make this a full lesson
  • Answers to the exercise in the presentation are not included