Scopes Trial: 5 Day Lesson

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Did Scopes violate the Butler Act? Why did so many Americans follow the Scopes trial? See analytical reading in action with a fantastic five-day lesson plan in which class members consider the historical context that provoked public interest in the Scopes trial through close analysis of eight primary source documents, a brief video, and guiding questions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Draw connections between modern controversies and disagreements in different parts of the world, and emphasize the importance of cultural context when considering any situation
Classroom Considerations

  • This is an extended, more detailed version of the lesson. If you are looking for a similar lesson that is shorter in duration, refer to our separate review or the left-hand menu of the website

  • All primary source excerpts and activity materials provided
  • Includes engaging segment where students listen to a historian think aloud about primary source excerpts

  • None