Lesson Plan

Revolution '67, Lesson 2: What Happened in July 1967? How Do We Know?

Even in a world in which dozens of participants and curious onlookers record every controversial event, the basic facts of what happened are often in dispute. Revolution '67, Lesson 2 explores 1967 Newark, New Jersey using an examination of competing accounts of the events. Incorporating both text and video, the resource provides an engaging opportunity for pupils to explore the differences between primary and secondary sources and to assess the credibility of each.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign as a small group activity prior to a discussion involving the entire class
Classroom Considerations
  • EDSITEment suggests the resource for middle schoolers, but it is good for upper-level students as well
  • Part of a two-part series on the Revolution of '67
  • All materials are linked and available both as webpages and downloadable PDFs
  • Includes questions to use in a teacher-led class discussion
  • Provides learning objectives along with resources to help instructors and participants deepen their knowledge of Newark in the 1960s
  • Some of the hyperlinks do not work, but all of the material for these links are available on the page