Reviewing Conventions and Editing Peers’ Work

Encourage young writers to edit text based on conventions. After reviewing the conventions, fourth graders watch a teacher demonstration on how to revise a paragraph for correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or dialogue. Then, pairs move from station to station while editing each paragraph for the remaining particular conventions. Lastly, they finalize the narrative writing rubric they have been working on throughout the unit to include a section for writing conventions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Set up four stations and instruction charts to go with each station, prior to implementing the lesson
  • Partner individuals for station work
  • Provide computers with a word processing application for individuals to type up their narratives
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson requires teacher to prepare a paragraph with errors in order for class members to revise it with different colored pencils
  • The teacher is prompted to type up and print the final rubric for the next plan in the series
  • Requires colored pencils and index cards for instruction
  • The 14th in a series of 16 lessons that guides learners through the writing process
  • Designed for Common Core
  • The 10-page packet comes with detailed procedures, a materials list, a "convention-less paragraph," and an exit ticket prompt
  • Offers preparation ideas for the next lesson
  • None
Common Core