Writing a Greek Myth

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Ask your learners to dream up a myth set in modern day. These mythology writing prompts require individuals take on the role of an ancient Greek citizen who just woke up to a totally different world. Through this lens, class members write a myth to explain something they don't understand (technology, transportation methods, etc.). They use the provided graphic organizer to brainstorm and structure their myth, and work with a partner to revise their work. The final product includes illustrations as well as the preparatory materials and the rubric.

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  • Writers will enjoy the imaginative aspect of this mythology writing assignment
  • Incorporates revision and partner work
  • Includes assignment prompt, graphic organizer, partner work record sheet, and rubric
  • Much of the prompt is written in paragraph form, which might be difficult for some learners to decipher
  • The resource mentions Canada, so you may need to change the location to make it relevant to your class