Recursive Formulas for Sequences

Provide Algebra I learners with a logical approach to making connections between the types of sequences and formulas with a lesson that uses what class members know about explicit formulas to develop an understanding of recursive formulas.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Allow collaboration during each exercise and ask groups to share their findings; answers can be placed on the board to check for correct wording and notation
  • Show parallel examples of notation using function and sequence notation along with recursive and explicit rules
Classroom Considerations
  • Understanding of notation and vocabulary is key; consider using a graphic organizer to record similarities and differences between recursive and explicit formulas and variations in the notation
  • Assumes a beginning level of understanding of explicit formulas
  • The second in a series of 26 related resources
  • Well-designed lesson with thought-provoking questioning
  • All handouts, keys, and a teacher guide are included
  • None