Lesson Plan

“Re-Solutioning”: Practice Brings Out Our Best

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This “Re-Solutioning”: Practice Brings Out Our Best lesson plan also includes:

Seventh graders create and perform a skit that demonstrates their conflict resolution skills. They begin by examining the process of crafting a performance and review what they have learned about conflict resolution. Next, they brainstorm possible conflicts between peers, with parents, and with teachers. Finally, they select one scenario to script and perform.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Some learners may need additional scaffolding to get the connection of the engagement hook to the lesson itself
  • Post the steps in the STAR conflict resolution process (Stop, Think, Act, Review) and review
Classroom Considerations
  • The series presumes class members took part in the sixth grade lesson series from the same source
  • Second resource in a three-lesson series
  • Requires access to video equipment
  • Materials include 3X5 cards in three colors, scrap paper, and markers
  • The activity enables students to demonstrate positive ways of handling conflicts between peers, parents, and teachers
  • The plan is richly detailed
  • Groups are asked to assess how well they worked together on the project and used their problem solving skills to setting any conflicts that arose
  • Although the suggested length is two days to adequately scrip and perform, the scenarios will likely take four to five days
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