Lesson Plan

Understanding Conflicts

The Resolving Conflicts module begins with a lesson about tolerance and learning to appreciate differences among people. Through a series of activities and games, middle schoolers learn that conflicts arise when people have opposing views. Groups read articles about disagreements, identify the conflicts, and decide whether the article describes positive or negative behaviors. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Involve class members by asking them to bring in the newspaper articles needed for the lesson
  • Remind pupils to keep all materials crafted for the module in their course folders
Classroom Considerations
  • First of six lessons in the Resolving Conflicts module of the Overcoming Obstacles course
  • The lessons are cumulative and designed to be taught in order
  • A dictionary is required
  • A homework assignment asks learners to observe (but not get involved) and record conflicts, paying close attention to how the people involved behaved 
  • None