Observing Conflict

Can your class manage conflict? Give them the tools they need to succeed at conflict resolution with the third lesson in a 15-part series of peacebuilding activities. Learners draw from personal conflict experience as they analyze conflict situations to determine the needs of both parties.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students create unfinished comic strips of a personal conflict, then trade with a classmate to provide a possible ending or resolution
  • Ask individuals to locate a news story or video of a current events conflict and analyze it in the same manner they used to analyze in-class role plays
Classroom Considerations
  • If your class completed the first lesson in the series, have them refer to the definitions of conflict they created as they work through this lesson
  • Resource helps build conflict management by teaching pupils how to approach a conflict from outside the situation
  • Scenarios are age-appropriate and represent common conflicts that middle school students face
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