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Population Pyramids: Powerful Predictors of the Future

This Population Pyramids: Powerful Predictors of the Future instructional video also includes:

Here is a very interesting visual for analyzing a country's shift from a pre-industrial society to one with an industrial or post-industrial economy. The video explains how a population pyramid is used to track a country's position in the industrialization process through indicating increasing life expectancies and decreasing child mortality.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners predict how a population pyramid might look at certain periods in a country's history, reflecting on the country's participation in wars and/or implementation of particular economic policies
  • Find other population pyramids that learners can analyze to determine which historical period the pyramid represents
  • Explains common features of an industrialized society, such as improvements in medicine, sanitation, and food supply, as well as a movement from rural to urban living
  • Offers a wealth of additional resources to continue studying this topic
  • Includes assessment, as well as opportunity to use as a flipped classroom resource and design your own assessment and additional resources
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