Planning for Middle and High School

So, what's the plan? Seventh graders begin their college and career journey in the first of six lessons. After creating their online profiles on a career resource website, individuals conduct extensive research to determine the courses they should take in middle and high school.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • As they research, ask pupils to record requirements for courses or programs they plan to enroll in; the list makes a great starting point for a goal-setting activity
  • Invite a guidance counselor to assist with getting learners enrolled into the courses they need
Classroom Considerations

  • Modify the lesson's materials to reflect your state and district career resources and graduation requirements
  • It is best to complete the resource early in the year, so scholars have time to modify their course schedules, if necessary

  • Oral presentations are an excellent way to communicate information with the rest of the class, as well as build public speaking skills
  • The lesson is thorough and full of links and related activities

  • None