Performance Based Assessment Practice Test (Algebra II)

A full-length practice test like this one, especially one that includes a number of open response questions, is a phenomenal tool in a class as rigorous as algebra 2. Here the learners can really get that hands-on experience wrestling with the open-ended response problems, along with the tricks for maximizing score potential. Whether it's given as a whole in a test-prep setting, or broken up into concept-based lessons, these problems do a great job of helping keep material focused and aligned with assessment and students sharp on the testing front.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use individual or a group of problems as warm-ups or exit tickets
  • Offers great practice for timed problem-solving 
  • Follow open-ended responses with a presentation on different responses vs. rubric and how to maximize score potential
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sure to monitor non-calculator vs. calculator sections so learners don't confuse them
  • Answer keys and rubrics not included in assessment, but links listed to those and other resources (Spanish language practice test, online practice test, etc.) are available in the materials tab
  • Valuable released-item practice for instructional support
  • Clear open-response rubrics to help students understand grading expectations
  • No leveled examples for open-response problems