Paired Passage Practice and the Extended Response Question

This Paired Passage Practice and the Extended Response Question activity & project also includes:

How do pupils relate paired passages to each other? Here's a resource that helps! The lesson includes a short story and a poem as a set of paired reading passages, followed by some analysis questions. It also includes an essay template for scholars to organize their writing—a great skill for them to practice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Before learners read the paired passages, discuss ways to mark up the text by questioning, underlining, or highlighting to help with reading comprehension
  • Break the class into small groups to discuss each of the analysis questions after reading the paired passages, and then engage in a whole-class discussion
Classroom Considerations

  • Graphic organizers, such as a T-Chart or Venn diagram, might help individuals organize their ideas about each of the reading passages
  • Provide scholars with dictionaries to look up unfamiliar words in the passages

  • Includes a checklist to guide students through each step of the process of writing an extended response
  • Targeted analysis questions help classmates plan their responses

  • None