On the Origin of Species

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How did Charles Darwin support his controversial theory of evolution with evidence? Use an excerpt from his 1859 work On the Origin of Species to reinforce the importance of making inferences within an informational text, and to discuss the ways Darwin himself uses inferences to arrive at his naturalistic conclusions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Send the URL to the passage to students for them to read at home before a class discussion
  • Design a cross-curricular assignment between life science and language arts
Classroom Considerations

  • Some learners may not believe in the theory of evolution; be prepared for a potential discussion of alternate theories
  • Text complexity is high; best suited for advanced readers or older high schoolers

  • Questions are divided into content, discussion, and application categories
  • Text-based questions include page numbers for readers' reference
  • Passage is double-spaced, making it more accessible for readers of all levels

  • None