Lesson Plan

Native American Education - Past, Present, and Future: Assimilation

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To understand the history of Native American education, high schoolers examine the record of young scholars who attended the Carlisle Indian School from 1879-1918. They also examine sources that contain information about indigenous education in the present and implications for future education. The lesson presents a troubling view of the past but suggests a hopeful view of the future.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • While the lesson is complicated, it is also carefully scaffolded; review the plan carefully before presenting it
  • Class members may be aware of the bodies found on the campus of various Canadian  and United States boarding schools; be prepared to discuss what is currently happening regarding the discoveries
  • Check to make sure the link to the online Choice Board is loaded on pupils' devices and that the link is working
  • Before the lesson, familiarize yourself with the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center search engine so you can offer support to researchers
Classroom Considerations
  • The video clip is powerful and upsetting; carefully observe viewers and be prepared to offer support
  • Requires projection equipment for the presentation and the video clip, as well as devices with internet for research
  • Presumes learners are familiar with the Honeycomb strategy
  • The teacher notes provide extra support for instructors
  • Materials are in both Spanish and English
  • None
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