Lesson Plan

Mass Incarceration as a Form of Racialized Social Control

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Mass incarceration: A result of a tough stance on crime or racial discrimination, you decide. Academics explore the history and reasons behind mass incarcerations in the United States and its impact on ethnic communities. The thought-provoking lesson explains how mass incarceration of African Americans is another form of Jim Crow Laws used to control society. Scholars read, discuss their thoughts, and participate in hands-on-activities to understand what's really behind the new Jim Crow Laws.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss the government's justifications for mass incarcerations compared to other countries
  • Have learners research incarceration statistics for their states 
Classroom Considerations
  • Part five of 10 in series exploring Jim Crow laws
  • Lesson includes a closing activity to gauge scholars' understanding 
  • The resource includes all materials needed to complete the lesson 
  • None