Making and Breaking Bonds: The Effect of Temperature

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Time to turn the heat up on your next bonding lesson! Young chemists explore temperature, kinetic energy, and bonding through an interesting interactive. The controls allow individuals to vary the temperature, as well as pause progress to make closer observations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class pause the interactive each time a bond is broken or formed and record the effect this has on the level of kinetic energy within the system
  • Challenge learners to determine the temperature at which the fewest (or the most) bonds between atoms exist
Classroom Considerations
  • Point out the kinetic energy shading feature to students so they can follow the energy changes during the reaction
  • Concise instructions make it easy for pupils to use the interactive on their own
  • The use of minimal graphics helps users focus on molecular interactions, changes in energy, and the breaking and forming of bonds
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