PS3A - Definitions of Energy

Energy has many forms ... but very few sources! How do we present this to young scientists? Explore the Definitions of Energy, PS3A, in a video about the Next Generation Science Standards. The narrator keeps it simple by relating each form of energy to its source, using examples appropriate for learners of any age.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video during staff development to create a discussion around a unified approach to teaching about energy
  • Incorporate the demonstrations shown in the video into your energy unit
Classroom Considerations
  • The examples given for energy lessons in the lower grades work well as remediation strategies for middle and high school students
  • The concepts progress logically through elementary to high school learning levels
  • Narrator stresses the development of energy vocabulary as pupils dig deeper into the types and sources of energy
  • Content focuses on promoting correct thinking about heat energy and the transfer of heat, moving pupils away from simply saying hot or cold to describe temperature
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