Make the Same Shape

Make sure your class has a grasp of words that include the long /a/ sound and follow the _a_e pattern. They can read the short poem on this page, which includes many examples of this pattern to practice, and then complete the three reading questions on the page.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Read the poem out loud as a class or in small groups
  • Have learners highlight or underline the answers to the questions
  • Ask kids to circle each word they find the shows the target pattern (long /a/ sound with _a_e)

  • The questions are paired with handwriting lines to support learners as they work on writing correctly
  • There are plenty of examples of long /a/ words that follow the _a_e pattern for students to identify and practice

  • This does not included an answer key; however, answers should be easy to determine