It’s a Plankton Eat Plankton World

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For as small as they are, plankton sure play an enormous role in maintaining marine ecosystems. Dive into an investigation of these tiny organisms with a hands-on life science activity in which children cut out pictures of sea animals and create a display showing the intricate web of interdependency that ties them all together.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform this activity as part of an upper-elementary life science unit on ecosystems
  • Extend this activity by having children find additional pictures of marine life to add to their food webs
  • Allow children to complete this food chain activity with a partner, facilitating discussions about the interdependency in marine ecosystems
Classroom Considerations
  • The "Marine Food Web" template may need to be copied on larger paper to allow children enough space for creating their food webs
  • Though this resource is designed for middle school standards, it can be adapted for use in the upper-elementary grade levels as well 
  • A reference table is provided that lists what each type of marine life eats
  • Includes a teacher reference that offers tips for performing this lesson and suggestions for extending learning
  • A supplemental text is provided with background information about plankton
  • None
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