Introduction to Simultaneous Equations

Create an understanding of solving problems that require more than one equation. The lesson introduces the concept of systems of linear equations by using a familiar situation of constant rate problems. Pupils compare the graphs of equations that represent translations, changes in the rate, and both changes. The lesson is the 25th portion of a 33-part unit.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use graphing software so the graphing does not get in the way of the conceptual understanding of simultaneous equations
  • Have collaborative pairs create their own problems that can be solved using simultaneous equations
Classroom Considerations

  • The class should be able to write linear equations to model a problem
  • The lesson is the 25th portion of a 33-part unit

  • The answer key shows the graphs used to solve the system
  • Grids are provided on the handouts for graphing

  • None
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