How to Create Documents in a Shared Google Drive Folder

Help your class join you in Google Drive with this how-to page that focuses on creating shared folders. A combination of images and words guide learners through the various steps to take to create a document in a shared folder. More skills are covered in the accompanying resources in the materials.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If your class members all have Google accounts and access to Drive, this could easily be shared with students so that they could use it for reference; make a copy first and then share with your class
  • Help learners work collaboratively by teaching them these skills, or use these shared folders as a place for pupils to turn in assignments
  • Support your own Google Drive lesson plans with this resource
Classroom Considerations
  • A few images are a bit out of date, but the information is still relevant to Google Drive, and the changes should be relatively intuitive
  • The featured resource is directed at students; however, there are also teacher-specific instructions in the document linked in the materials tab
  • Includes images, arrows, and written instructions to help make the process clear
  • Make sure to look at the materials for this resource to find links to additional reference pages that explain sharing folders in more detail
  • There are a few typos on the page; you can make a copy and then edit the document