How I Act Is Who I Am

A lesson centers itself around the topic of family roles. A whole-class discussion uses puppets and posters to go in-depth into the following character traits; caring, responsibility, respect, and cooperation. The discussion closes with a reflection on how each family role makes an individual feel. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Spotlight the differences of families—everyone's is special in their way—invite pupils to share what their family looks like
  • Visit the library to find books that showcase different families, read-aloud one or two as time permits
  • Create a family-themed bulletin board—direct class members to draw a picture or bring in a photo of their family and show it to their peers during the discussion 
Classroom Considerations
  • This is the final part of a two-lesson series about emotions 
  • If puppets are not available, make two out of socks or small paper bags
  • Posters look best printed in color 
  • Although the lesson is intended to be used by a school counselor, a classroom teacher can also conduct it 
  • The lesson brings light to the importance of playing a positive role in one's family 
  • Provides plenty of speaking and listening practice 
  • Thirty minutes of discussion may be too long for some learners, take brain breaks and encourage movement to regain focus