Unit Plan

Learning area 1: Who am I?

Five activities encourage scholars to dream big and celebrate the similarities and differences of those around them. Learners take part in two active practices that showcase how their peers are the same and different. Worksheets challenge pupils to answer questions about themselves, create a timeline, and write about their hopes and dreams. Informative slides accompany discussion. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Revisit timelines to jumpstart motivation, allow class members to adjust goals if needed 
  • Share work with parents and guardians, discuss how they can champion for their child in achieving their dreams
  • Be a role model, speak kindly about yourself and others as an example of self-confidence and respect for others    
Classroom Considerations
  • Learning area one is the first of five social and emotional learning lessons that focus on self and social awareness 
  • Requires copies of worksheets 
  • Stresses the importance of individuality 
  • All but one activity offers an alternative method and, or extension idea 
  • Encourages participants to work independently and collaboratively
  • None