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Goal-Setting and Decision-Making

This Goal-Setting and Decision-Making lesson plan also includes:

Whether you're setting financial goals, educational goals, or physical goals, a helpful resource has it all. The packet comes with background information on how to implement goal-setting skills in the classroom, as well as a variety of goal-setting and decision-making worksheets that mentees can use to help accomplish them.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Hand out the sheets at the beginning of the school year to find out areas of weakness and areas that need improving
  • Use in a school counselor's office or when training a peer-counseling group
Classroom Considerations
  • Goal-setting model is based on the SMART guidelines
  • The 25-page packet includes activities, worksheets, printables, charts, and information on the importance of goal-setting
  • The background image on page 24 has some formatting issues