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Extensions, Bisections and Dissections in a Rectangle

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Gaining practice in translating a verbal description into a diagram and then an equation is the real point of this similar triangles exercise. Once the diagram is drawn, multiple methods are provided to reach the conclusion. An effective wrap-up or review question for a similar triangles unit, the emphasis here on math literacy is an excellent preparation for end-of-course short answer test questions.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Divide the class into multiple groups for different solution methods, then have each group present their method to the class
  • Have learners solve as a mock end-of-course open response, then develop a rubric and grade themselves or one another
Classroom Considerations
  • Having a checkpoint halfway through the problem where each person or group gets approval on their diagram prevents extensive revisions to calculations at the end and also emphasizes the importance of actually drawing the diagram
  • Providing the diagram would provide IEP or differentiated support in some cases
  • Uses fairly straightforward theorems and properties in the context of translating a word problem into a math problem, allowing the focus to be on the correct diagram and set-up
  • The provided answer key and teacher notes outline more than one correct solution method
  • Student activity is not delineated from teaching notes and answer key
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