Creating and Graphing Exponential Equations

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Frequently found in biology and economic application problems, exponential equations show up as stars in this introductory presentation. Taking no background or knowledge of exponentials for granted, the slides walk learners through the vocabulary, basic features, and numerical manipulation of exponential equations. Examples are taken from other fields and worked, step by step, with emphasis on interpreting features and answers in context. This customizable PowerPoint would make a great remediation or topic introduction tool in both the small group and larger class setting.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Link with science curriculum on organism meiosis / mitosis or a social science curriculum on population dynamics
  • Use Internet applets or calculator graphing technology to have the class compare investments with different compounding periods
  • Consider using numbers similar to those given in the examples to create linear equations then have the class compare and contrast the linear and exponential equations
Classroom Considerations
  • The independent variable is taken to always be time and the base positive in this treatment of exponential equations
  • Using the Geogebra interactive applets for the example problems requires Internet access and .pptx requires a recent version of PowerPoint for local opening and editing
  • Charts of features and steps for graphing would make good additions to assignments if cut and pasted from presentation
  • Careful treatment of vocabulary along with step-by-step explanation of features and graphing mechanics
  • Calculator keystroke instructions provided for TI 83/84 and Nspire calculator graphing
  • Example problems worked out in detail with interactive online graphing assistance linked
  • Examples are mis-numbered 2 and 3, with example 1 missing