Considering the Role of Values in Public Policy

This Considering the Role of Values in Public Policy lesson plan also includes:

Strong opinions come from deeply held values. Young citizens explore the values that are most important to them in a class discussion and activity. As they prioritize a list of values cards that include freedom, justice, and democracy, learners analyze their own evaluation process and discuss their positions with peers.  

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Instructional Ideas

  • Bring the lesson to a unit about democratic values, or during an election season
  • Bridge the activity between a discussion in social studies and a formal position paper in language arts
  • Group learners according to their prioritized lists, and have them come up with debate arguments for different opinions
  • Assign the reading passage for homework the night before the lesson for a flipped classroom activity
Classroom Considerations

  • Establish a protocol that ensures polite and mature discussion of personal values
  • Consider leading the class in a discussion that defines each word with examples before engaging in the activity, especially for English learners or struggling readers

  • Connects well to any number of lessons about current issues, politics, historic events, or the Constitution, not to mention relevant novel units

  • None