Comprehensive English Examination: January 2016

Poetry and prose often have more in common than it initially appears. A sample comprehensive English exam has test-takers compare and contrast two passages to answer short response questions. The exam, which is part of a larger set of standardized tests, also includes multiple choice questions, a listening section, and a critical essay prompt focus on the idea "one sickly sheep infects the flock."

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Allow for more objectivity during grading by having learners label their essays with numbers or aliases rather than their real names
  • Allow scholars to work in pairs or small groups to answer the multiple choice questions after the dictation
Classroom Considerations

  • Test allows learners to take notes during reading of dictation

  • Sample essays help writers prepare for the essay and make the grading process easier
  • Combines a variety of text styles

  • Scoring key lacks rationales to explain the answers to multiple choice questions