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Chemistry: Ionic Bonds vs Covalent Bonds (Which is Stronger?)

Both ionic and covalent bonds present as strong bonds, but which is stronger? Socratica presents a video from its chemistry playlist that attempts to answer this question. It addresses how strength is measured and the range of strengths for both types of bonds. Then, it lists some examples and offers a final answer to the question.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Challenge scholars to find an example of an ionic bond that is stronger than a covalent bond—and an example of the opposite
  • Add more details on enthalpy if scholars seem confused
Classroom Considerations
  • Relies on prior knowledge of charges, radii, ionic bonds, and covalent bonds
  • Includes subtitles in English for ELLs
  • Works well in a traditional or flipped classrooms
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