Beef Unit and Lab Plan

This Beef Unit and Lab Plan unit also includes:

What are the proper methods for cooking various cuts of beef? What are some basic rules regarding meat food safety? Here you'll find 10 lab plans with a variety of beef cookery activities, perfect for a home economics or cooking course.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • As an extension activity, have learners research the effects of beef consumption on the environment, or outline the various arguments made by both proponents and opponents of red meat as part of a daily diet
Classroom Considerations

  • This resource requires use of a cooking lab or home kitchen
  • Resource may be better suited for small class sizes or those with lots of adult support

  • Other topics include: selecting lean cuts of beef, cost per serving, and preparation methods
  • Includes recipes and preparation instructions for a variety of beef dishes

  • There are little to no images or photographs, which would better help to clarify concepts