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Average Rate of Change

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The concept of slope gets an approachable, yet theoretical, treatment in a comprehensive algebra lesson. The use of functional notation and problem-solving techniques keep the material rigorous, but detailed teaching notes and lots of workable examples make it differentiable and appropriate for all kinds of learners. With an emphasis on partner work, and discovering properties by working problems, this inclusive lesson is one that you'll find yourself returning to year after year.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Learners can perform a webquest for infographics that demonstrate increasing and decreasing average rates of change
  • Consider using in a flipped classroom as a home assignment before working problems in class on average rate of change
  • Useful as a review in a precalculus or calculus class before introducing instantaneous rate of change
  • Great for inclusion in a cross-curricular unit with the science department on vector or projectile motion
Classroom Considerations
  • Some terminology in the packet might need to be adjusted for your specific classroom set-up, specifically the frequent use of "elbow partner"
  • Answer keys are not always separated by page from the problem sets, if copying those keys into student packets is a concern
  • Step-by-step instructions and teaching instructions included
  • Many examples provided of each type of problem
  • Logical progression of material from basic to complex
  • All answer keys provided
  • Provided warm ups, notes and problem sets make for a turn-key lesson
  • Typo on page 15, when quadrant 4 is identified as quadrant VI instead of IV
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