Articles: A or An?

This Articles: A or An? worksheet also includes:

With 10 questions and the option to fill in the blank or use multiple choice, you can receive a quick glimpse into your class's knowledge of articles: a and an

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this worksheet as a pre- and post-assessment to measure your scholars' article proficiency 
  • Accompany this resource with a review of vowel vs. consonant 
Classroom Considerations

  • Although this worksheet states that it is an ESL resource, it can successfully be administered to all learners
  • Your class must know what an articles is prior to receiving this lesson 
  • Copies are required 

  • Answer sheet provided
  • Directions are clear and easy for pupils to follow
  • Answer may be given through multiple choice or fill in the blank

  • None
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