Lesson Plan

Analyzing Stop and Frisk Through Personal Stories and Infographics

How much can you learn about an important topic from a single image? High schoolers analyze an infographic that represents the number of stops performed during the Stop and Frisk police procedure. After building background information with a slideshow presentation, news articles, and several video clips, learners interpret the accuracy and readability of various infographics and decide which is the best representation of the facts.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Form a debate that addresses the final question in the lesson regarding what should be done about the procedure
  • Have learners create their own infographics to represent the data they collect
  • Bring in additional infographics about different subjects to reinforce the concept
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson discusses the controversial Stop and Frisk program, and addresses instances of racial profiling; while the lesson isn't inherently biased, it does include video clips from Communities United for Police Reform
  • If you believe the subject matter is not a good fit for your class or school environment, the basic tenets of the lesson still work with an alternate story or infographic
  • Promotes critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Builds media awareness in a variety of formats
  • Includes links to all necessary clips, articles, and images
  • Comes with extension lessons for further discussion and research about police procedures and community outreach
  • None